Public Entity & Municipal Defense

Public Entity & Municipal Defense

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Since our establishment in 1973, the law firm of Sanders & Parks, has represented Arizona public entities and government agencies. The firm represents the state of Arizona and Arizona counties, including Maricopa County, municipalities including the city of Phoenix, community college districts, high school and elementary school districts, and many other public institutions and employees. Our knowledge has been trusted to protect these public entities in a wide range of legal matters.

Arizona Public Entity And Municipal Defense Lawyers

The representation offered by our lawyers covers the gamut of public entity-related legal issues, including:

  • Personal injury and wrongful death (accidents caused by public employees or accidents on public property)
  • Employment law (sexual harassment, discrimination)
  • Public Services (police, ambulance, fire fighters)
  • Tax litigation (property tax litigation)
  • Business and commercial law (contracts, construction law)
  • Civil rights violations and Section 1983 claims

Our attorneys offer counsel to public entities and public entity insurers to assist in risk management. We can offer suggestions to proactively prevent liability and reduce potential exposure.

We can assist with the investigation of potential claims in an effort to bring disputes to an effective and efficient resolution. Our lawyers can represent you in disputes involving any public employee, including teachers, police officers, firefighters, athletic coaches, and more.

Our lawyers represent school districts and school employees in Phoenix and throughout Arizona on issues covered by insurance, such as personal injury or employment issues, as well as direct assistance to school districts and governing boards on a wide variety of education-related issues.

Whether a municipal body is involved in a lawsuit involving a slip-and-fall injury on a sidewalk, a local firefighter is accused of injuring someone in a rescue attempt, or any other liability matter, we can help.


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