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Insurance Agents / Brokers

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Sanders & Parks has a reputation for aggressively defending the interests of insurance agents and brokers in matters alleging professional negligence. Our team of experienced trial lawyers has represented agents and brokers in claims arising out of various types of commercial and personal-lines insurance products, including property and casualty, life, health, umbrella, workers’ compensation and professional liability insurance policies. These claims range from run-of-the-mill negligence cases where an agent or broker is being sued for rendering improper advice concerning the sale of an insurance product to allegations of fraud or breach of fiduciary duty. We defend brokers and agents in first-party suits against a variety of allegations, such as failure to advise properly as to appropriate policy limits, and against third-party liability suits. We also represent brokers and their newly hired agents when former employers sue to enforce non-compete agreements and our practice includes assisting agents and brokers in regulatory enforcement and disciplinary proceedings.

We routinely counsel and represent major insurance brokerage firms, privately-held insurance brokerage firms, as well as independent insurance agencies. Sanders & Parks’ extensive knowledge of all lines of insurance—as well as the regulatory environment in which carriers and their agents and brokers operate—gives our attorneys and clients a distinct advantage in evaluating, negotiating and defending claims against insurance professionals. The key to our success in representing insurance agents and brokers is our understanding of the various defenses available to them. We have an extensive understanding of how insurance works, how it is marketed and sold, as well as how to identify and analyze complex coverage issues. This experience gives us a serious advantage in representing our insurance agent and broker clients.

From our initial meeting with the insurance agent or broker to the point at which we resolve the claim or lawsuit, we are always sensitive to the fact that agents and brokers may be caught in the middle of their relationships with the client and the involved insurers. We genuinely respect those relationships and the contractual agency agreements that govern them. Toward that end, we recognize the importance of approaching each case differently and customizing the defense to reflect the important business and legal needs of our clients. We do not offer cookie-cutter solutions. We custom-design legal strategies based on the unique needs of every client with whom we work.


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