Business, Construction & Commercial Law

Business, Construction & Commercial Law

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No matter what type of business you have or what your business needs are, the law firm of Sanders & Parks, can help you. We are a team of energetic, innovative lawyers who have been helping small, medium, and large businesses since we were established in 1973. Our service involves learning about your business and handcrafting a legal strategy to help you succeed in reaching all of your goals.

Arizona Business and Commercial Law Attorneys

Contact our business and commercial lawyers at 602.532.5600 to schedule a consultation about mapping your path to success. We are available to assist you with all your business needs, from commercial litigation to contract drafting and negotiation including:

  • Business Organizations
  • Business Litigation
  • Securities Litigation
  • Construction Law
  • Heath Care Law
  • Environmental Law & Natural Resources
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Tax Litigation
  • Administrative Law
  • Employment Verification & Illegal Workers Sanctions

Whether you are just beginning your commercial endeavor and are still in the process of putting together a business plan, you are an established corporation with shareholders, or your business lies anywhere in between, our attorneys can help. From doctors and construction companies to contractors and manufacturing businesses, we will represent your business’s legal needs.


Adrian Mollie
Robert Beardsley
Amanda Breemes
Robin Burgess

Robin E. Burgess

J. Arthur Eaves

J. Arthur Eaves

Garrick L. Gallagher
Edward Gladly Jr.
Brianna Jagelski
Shanks Leohardt

Shanks Leonhardt

Vincent Miner
John Quinn

John C. Quinn

Jasmina Richter

Jasmina Richter

Ryan Sandstrom
Jeffery Smith

Jeffrey L. Smith


Kate Sokolova

Steven J. Sparks

J. Steven Sparks

Dillon Steadman
Adam Tate

J. Adam Tate

Mark Worischeck

Contact a Phoenix, Arizona lawyer serving the cities of Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tucson, Flagstaff, Prescott and all cities in Arizona.

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