Aviation Law

Aviation Law

Aviation law is one of the key focuses at Sanders & Parks We have a proud history of lawyer pilots. Our aviation attorneys combine extensive litigation experience with broad professional and personal experience in a wide variety of aviation matters to provide aviation clients with energetic, efficient, and cost-effective representation.

Skilled Lawyers Serving Arizona

For over a quarter of a century, our firm has represented manufacturers, insurance carriers, FBOs, pilots, passengers, mechanics, airports, airport operators, injured parties and the survivors or surviving family members of aircraft crashes throughout Arizona. Areas of practice include the following:

  • Aircraft (airplane, helicopter, etc.) accident claims
  • Aviation-related personal injury and wrongful death litigation
  • Aviation product liability and product defect claims
  • Aviation insurance coverage and litigation
  • Disputes over aircraft sales or other contractual matters
  • Disputes concerning aircraft repairs
  • Aviation-related property damage claims

Injuries And Wrongful Death Arising Out Of Aviation Activities

Injuries and wrongful death can arise out of any number of aviation-related activities and conduct, including crashes resulting from turbulence, passenger and crew misconduct, pilot negligence, product defect, engine failure, wing or control surface separation, negligent repair or maintenance, controller negligence, mid-air collisions, aircraft fires, wire strikes, collisions with aerial obstructions, boarding and deplaning, medical emergencies, and overhead compartment accidents. These cases can involve the whole spectrum of aircraft (both fixed wing and helicopters), including military aircraft, civilian aircraft (such as Cessna, Cirrus, Beechcraft, Piper, Grob, Diamond, Lear, Hawker, and Bell, to name a few), and commercial aircraft. We can consult with and represent you with respect to personal injury, death or other loss arising out of any of these types of crashes or accidents.


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