Automobile Defects

Automobile Defects

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Product Liability Claims Involving Automobile And Tire Defects

Our attorneys are ready to advocate for people who have been injured due to automobile defects or defective car or truck parts. We understand the impact that a severe personal injury can have on a life.

We know that the serious injury to, or wrongful death of, a loved one can change a family forever. Our lawyers are here to stand by your side. We are available to assist people in personal injury and wrongful death cases in Arizona and throughout the United States.

Automobile defect cases are a subcategory of products liability cases. These are matters in which a product causes serious damage because it was defective, poorly designed, or improperly labeled. When this type of error is made with a car part, it can cause a serious accident.

Our lawyers are available to handle any type of car accident case related to a defective part, including:

  • Automobile rollover/vehicle instability cases
  • 15-passenger van accidents
  • Automobile roof crush cases
  • Tire defects, including tread separation and blowout cases
  • Defective restraint systems (seatbelts and airbags) and other safety features
  • Fuel system failures/Gas tank explosions
  • Unintentional door opening leading to ejection or partial ejection
  • Tire defect cases, such as tread separation

We handle cases against automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and others.

We also have an in-depth understanding of tire defect cases. Attorneys at our law firm understand the components involved in the building of a radial tire. We can tell when steps were skipped, leading to tread separation and an accident. Tread separation is when the tread literally separates from the tire leading to a blowout or serious accident. When this happens on the highway, the damage can be severe. We take these cases seriously, and would like to advocate for your rights. We will retain experts to evaluate whether the defect lies in design, manufacture, or installation of the tire. We will then handle your claim appropriately and seek recovery from all potential sources. We handle claims against tire manufacturers, retailers, sellers and installers.

We also handle motorcycle and ATV accidents. Some ATVs have inherent stability weaknesses making them particularly susceptible to a rollover, and we will investigate your accident and bring claims on your behalf to help you obtain a full measure of recovery.


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