Affordable and effective appellate work is one of the core areas of services Sanders & Parks, provides its clients. Sanders & Parks, attorneys have extensive experience in briefing and arguing cases in federal and state appellate courts. Our experience includes handling cases in which our attorneys were involved with the trial or summary disposition, as well as those cases in which we were brought in to handle the appeal after the conclusion at the trial court level.

Experienced Appellate Advocates

Through these experiences, our appellate advocates at Sanders & Parks, have developed significant experience in evaluating the merits of a potential appeal, analyzing complex legal issues, researching the backgrounds and tendencies of the members of an appellate panel, and effectively communicating our client’s position to the appellate panel through written briefs and oral presentations. Sanders & Parks, stays at the cutting edge of the law through its appellate work and helps shape Arizona law on critical issues facings its clients.

Our attorneys have advocated for clients in appeals from both Arizona administrative proceedings and Arizona trial proceedings, and have successfully handled appeals before the superior court sitting in its appellate capacity, the Arizona Court of Appeals and the Arizona Supreme Court. Sanders & Parks’s appellate work has led to countless published decisions on key areas of Arizona law. Our attorneys have also successfully pursued and defended appeals in several other jurisdictions, including in other state courts; the United States Courts of Appeals for the 9th, 10th, and 11th Circuits; and the United States Supreme Court.


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Robin E. Burgess

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