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Airplane Accidents and Injuries Contact Form

Approximately 20 emergency landings are made by U.S. commercial airlines every month

Our Phoenix-based law firm is dedicated to providing cost-effective, practical solutions to aviation disputes, including aviation accidents. In recognition of the efficient, effective and ethical service we deliver, our firm has received the AV® Peer Review Rating*.

We are a large, resourceful law firm, employing talented, energized and innovative attorneys who have the skills to represent the interests of anyone involved in an aviation accident throughout the United States. We're pilots and aviation enthusiasts too, and you can rest assured that we understand aviation.

We represent individuals, aircraft owners, pilots, passengers, survivors, repair stations, FBOs, and others who may be involved, directly or remotely, in an aviation accident. Our lawyers will always evaluate all the facts and considerations, and will work with our clients to keep them informed, to meet their objectives, and to serve them in an efficient, cost-effective path to resolving disputes arising out of aviation accidents. For experienced aviation lawyers, contact Mark G. Worischeck or call us at (602) 532-5600.

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Airplane Accidents and Injuries Contact Form

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