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Our Experienced Lawyers Represent Clients With Entertainment And Sports Law Issues

As an entertainer, your goal is to create art that you are passionate about and share it with the world. At the same time, you want to make a living doing what you love. Similarly, athletes face pressures of competition and the media spotlight while you develop your talents on the field. As your career grows, you will find that the business and legal matters involved require increasing focus. That is where we come in. At Sanders & Parks, we are a team of lawyers who are dedicated to standing by your side and helping you navigate through the business and legal aspects of being a professional entertainer. We are dedicated to your success.

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We represent entertainers and athletes in Phoenix, Arizona, and throughout the United States. We are available to represent athletes, musicians, bands, songwriters, novelists, journalists, artists, photographers, filmmakers, screenwriters, and anyone else offering their creations for the entertainment of others.

Our lawyers are available to assist you with all matters related to entertainment law including:

We believe in combining our extensive experience and resources with a commitment to personal attention. Our goal is to meet your needs. We want to guide you toward success on your terms. Our attorneys will take the time to learn about your vision for the future. We want to find out what your plans are for your entertainment career, in terms of what you have already created and what you will create in the future. With that information, we will help you develop a legal strategy that is designed specifically for you. We intend to see that your goals are met.

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